Chapter 15- Today was the day that Moose had to deliever the yellow roses to Mae Capone. Moose does has troubles with this. Wha he does is brings Annie and Theresa to the field that Scout doesn't play at. Once they see that Scout isn't there, Moose says he has to buy flowers for "Piper". They find this tiny flower stand that supplies yellow, red and pink roses. Moose askes for a half a dozen of yellow roses and him and Theresa and Annie start heading over to the boat. When they arrive everyone is saying that Mae Capone is here and etc... Finally Moose, Theresa and Annie get onto the boat. Moose doesn't want to look weird and give out a half-of-dozen roses to Mae Capone in front of Darby and the Warden. So, what Moose does is give out a flower to every lady thats on the boat. When Moose hands his yellow rose to Mae she says "Why, thank you. . . Moose isn't it?"

Chapter 16- In chapter 16 and once on the boat Darby gets mad at Moose for giving his wife a yellow flower. Darby also keeps asking Moose, Annie and Theresa questions likes, what you kids doing on this run anyway, and wasn't nothing to do with Mae Capone being here? Moose doesn't like this question. Theresa answers saying, we just got lucky. On Alcatraz Mae drops her hankerchief and doesn't pick it up. Instead she leaves it there. Theresa's notices this and when they as in Theresa, Moose and Annie come back to get it its gone.

Chapter 17- No new notes for Moose from Al Capone. Scout is coming back to Alcatraz and so Moose stops by Darby to see if his paperwork is correct so Scout doesn't get sent back early or sent back. When Moose's arrives and sees that Darby is not home but Janet is. Janet tells Moose how her and Theresa don't play and how Theresa likes to play with Natalie. Scout comes to Alcatraz and Jimmy shows Scout the secret passageway. Moose doesn't really like this idea. Scout also tells Moose that Piper llikes Moose and that Scout wants Moose and Piper to kiss.

Chapter 18- Moose goes into the secret passageway and sits and thinks. Shortly Piper comes in and sits right next to him. In the passageway Moose tries to kiss Piper but all of a sudden Theresa comes in and yells at Moose and says that Annie needs his help. Piper says a few words and storms off telling Moose to leave her a lone. Theresa is freaking out and she says wait until I tell Annie. (ickkkkk)

Chapter 19- Supposedly some one made a lie that Jimmy's and Moose's dad got drunk on guard duty. Moose doesn't know who though or Jimmy. Once Moose finds out he goes home and he talks to mom about it. Then she brings up other things like you and Piper had a spat, and other random things.

Chapter 20-​ Natalie is coming to Alcatraz. Once she arrives and goes through the snitch box, she sets it off. Mr. Mattaman checks and the problem was that Natalie had metal buttons. When Mr. Mattaman says it is ok for Natalie to go, Natalie says "Natalie is coming home."

Chapter 21- When Natalie is un-paking Moose notices that she has this weird thing. Moose goes through her drawer and finds a huge piece of metal that is a bar spreader. Moose doesn't want to tell his dad because he doesn't want Mr. Mattaman or his dead to get fired from his job. Moose keeps asking her for the bar spreader, but she won't seem to give it to him. So, Moose bribes Natalie with 5 golden buttons. While this is happening Natalie keeps saying bottom drawer, bottom drawer. Moose asks, how'd you get this Natalie? She says, he told me too. Moose says, Who did? Who is he? Natalie replies, 105, 105, 105. This isn't good at all.

Chapter 22- Moose's house plumbing is backed up AGAIN. Seven fingers and Darby come over to investigate. When Darby and Moose's dad are having a little conservation Moose goes in to see what Seven Fingers is doing. Seven fingers is not in the bathroom so Moose checks Natalie's room and there he is. :-o

Chapter 23- ​ In this chapter Moose says to his dad, we need to talk. Once they walk to the hillside Moose mentions what if Natalie isn't safe at Esther P. Marinoff school and what if she gets vistors? Moose's dad says what are you driving at? Moose tells his dad about the convict 105 that was recently let out a few weeks before that. Moose doesn't tell his dad the whole story about Natalie and 105 instead he says he had a nightmare. Then after that little discussion they talk about Natalie a little more.

Chapter 24- Moose needs to go to Piper's to talk about the lie thing. Moose's mom needs to go to shore and talk to this one family about piano lessons so Moose's mom wants Moose to watch Natalie. Moose ends up taking Natalie to Piper's. At Piper's, Piper seems to diss Moose and totally ignore him. Moose decides to leave with Natalie. Once out of the door Piper comes and says I thought you wanted to talk. Moose asks her if she told people about the lie and she confessed. Piper also said that she would tell her dad aka the Warden but Moose owes her. After talking to Piper Theresa and Jimmy come. Jimmy says to Moose that the bar spreader is in Janet's hands. The bar-spreader ended up on the beach and Janet picked it up:-o

Chapter 25- Since the bar spreader is in Janet's hands, Moose, Jimmy and Theresa decide to go over to the Trixel's. They knock aand ring the doorbell but no one is home. Later on Piper and Annie comes to see Moose. Piper wants to see Scarface aka Al Capone but she has to leave after she preforms so she won't get to see Al Capone. Piper decides to stay and she wants Moose with her. This is what Moose has to owe her.


Chapter 27- Moose finally got Piper put of there. Once out of the officers club Mrs. Caconi spotted Moose and said that she lost Natalie. She sent Moose and Piper to look for Natalie. Theresa and Jimmy were also looking for her. Moose used the clue -We will see Molly (the mouse) tommorrow. They used this clue and went to Piper's house. Piper didn't want Moose in her house so she locked him out. Moose used the back door and saw Piper's mom and she didn't look good. Piper found Natalie and caught Moose using the back door. She was really mad. Piper started to cry and say hateful things to both Natalie and Moose. Moose and Natalie went home and found an angy Mrs. Mattaman.

Chapter 28- Moose and Natalie go to the Mattaman's for a little talk. There, Moose, Jimmy, and Theresa explaing everything that was happening, besides the bar spreader thing. Mr. Mattaman doesn't want this to go around at all. Once walking home from the Mattaman's Natalie freezes up. Darby notices this and used his blowhorn and says whats going on? Janet is spotting the whole thing to and gets Theresa and Jimmy. They help Natalie get back into the house. After doing so, Darby comes over and says that Moose's family is soft in the head and he feels bad for Moose. ~ughhh!!!

Chapter 29~Annie, Moose, Theresa, and Jimmy go into Chinatown to hear what a big group of moms are saying. They talk about Piper's mom. One of the moms brings up that Piper needs a friend to be by her side. That person would be Moose. Moose had to bolt out of the passagway so Mrs. Mattaman would find him. Mrs. Mattaman finds him and says to him that he should go visit Piper and confort her about her mom.

Chapter 30- Moose goes to Piper's house. He tries to be a friend but she says mean things about him and Natalie. So he decides to go to the Mattaman's. There Piper apologizes of what she did and she cries.

Chapter 31- The baby was finnally born! The baby is a boy and its name is Walter Williams. Piper's mom is ok too. Piper's dad is scary happy and he walts with the baby and throws a huge party for the baby too. At the party Piper isn't there. Mrs. Mattaman sends Theresa, Annie, Moose and Natalie to go visit her. Piper doesn't like the idea that she has a new baby BROTHER. At Piper's house and a few minutes past they thought that Jimmy was banging on the door. So Moose, Natalie and Piper (Piper brought her brother with her) went downstairs and someone grabbed their throat! SCARYY!! :-o

Chapter 32- The people that grabbed onto Piper, a Moose were 7 fingers, Buddy Boy, and Willy One Arm. Moose thought that Buddy Boy was on his side but he thought wrong. Buddy Boy has also realized that Piper had brought the baby so he made Willy One Arm go take the baby somewhere. The three cons took Piper, Natalie and Moose towards the dock. The three cons were dressed like the guards from head to toe. Since it was extremely foggy out, the guards couldn't tell that they were cons. During walking towards the dock Natalie kept saying "zero" guns. Moose had to trust her that she wasn't lying and he took that risk and shouted HELP!

Chapter 33- The "real" guards heard Moose scream. They spot them and the three conman take off. Tons of guards come over shooting and chasing down the three cons. Piper starts to freak out about her brother. She keeps asking wheres my brother? I need to find him etc... Everything is in chaos.

Chapter 34- Natalie wonders off and they think she went to look for the baby. Mooose takes off running towards the back pf the celll house. His dad is right behind him. While running Moose catches a glimpse of Natalie's blue dress dissappearing inside the hospital entrance of the cell house. Moose heads over there. Once there Moose finds Natalie. He also finds Al Capone holding the baby. Al Capone claims that he saw nothing.

Chapter 35-Moose keeps learning more and more information about the cons escape plan. Moose's dad tells that Janet was using a bar spreader for her ponies. Once Moose hears this he tells his dad about how the bar spreader was in Natalie's suitcase and Jimmy threw it into the bay and on and on. Moose's dad also says that 105 was around Natalie because he was a gardner at Esther P. Marinoff school.

Chapter 36-The chaos comes to rest. Jimmy becomes a good catcher, not thrower, Annie perfects her pitching, Jimmy gets rid of his flies, Piper may just end up liking her brother and Moose is "heroic" because of what he did that night.

Chapter 37- Natalie goes back to Esther P. Marinoff school. She wears her yellow dress. Moose notices that she has a new button. After a few guesses, Natalie says "Good Job" and hands Moose a piece of paper that says good job.