Ch. 19- This chapter is mostly about Moose's and Jimmy's dad being drunk in the guard tower. Moose goes back to his apartment and finds his mom and talks to her and she says he would never drink on the job. Moose's mom also nows about him and Piper. Moose's mom thinks Piper told the lie and she is more trouble than Moose knows.

Ch. 20- Moose is going to be on the 4:00 ferry to get Natalie. Theresa made a sign that said Welkum Hom Nadalee. Moose's mom bought Lemon Cake Natalie's favorite cake. Jimmy's talks about now he has about 50,000 flies so far. Theresa says to everyone that Piper probably put Moose's and Jimmy's dad on probation. Natalie gets off the boat and goes through the snitch box and it goes off , Mr. Mattaman checks and it is metal buttons. Natalie says "Natalie coming home".

Ch. 21- Natalie comes home and ignores everyone and runs to make sure everything's there like she left it. Everyone comes over to Moose's house and Natalie keeps saying bottom dresser with bar spreader in her hand and says 105 (aka Onion Head) the con. Moose ask where she saw him and she doesn't say.

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