Ch. 1 - The Cream Of The Criminal Crop
Ch. 1
Moose is talking about Alcatraz. One thing that he said was about Officer Trixle and everybody not liking him. The cons did pranks on him like his shirts missing buttons and his underwear is dyed pink. Then Moose talks about Natalie and how Al Capone got her in Esther P. Marinoff. Moose has never even met Al Capone! Why would Al Capone help Moose and Natalie? That day is Natalie's first day to Esther P. Marinoff. While they are walking to the boats there's a tourist boat that comes too close to the island. Officer Trixle who is right there tells a guy to shoot by the boat (not the boat but by it). Natalie is sensitive to loud sounds and has a fit. Officer Trixle looks at Natalie and has to report that fit to the Warden. Moose says good-bye to Natalie and then she leaves Alcatraz.

Ch. 2 - The Secret Passageway
Ch. 2 -
Moose is talking to his friend Jimmy in China Town, "The Secret Passageway". There they can hear anything because they're under the apartments. While they're walking out of China Town Officer Trixle pops out of nowhere. He interrogates Jimmy on what he was doing down there. Jimmy says nothing and leaves. Moose goes up to Annie's (a girl on the island) apartment. When he gets to the door Annie is waiting there for him. She said that she found a note in Moose's shirt that says "Your Turn". Annie asks Moose questions about that and Moose spills his secret. He asked Al Capone to help him get Natalie into Esther P. Marinoff. Annie tells Moose that he's the mouse and Al Capone is the cat. Moose is just trying to make Annie forget about it.

Ch. 3 - Willy One Arm
Ch. 3 -
Moose is playing catch with Annie even though she doesn't want to. Then Moose sees Piper roller skating and Piper comes by. She sees that Annie is mad at Moose. Annie tells Moose that Piper has cons working for her. One is Buddy Boy and the other one is Willy One Arm. Annie and Moose are arguing about telling Piper about the letter from Al Capone or not telling Piper. Then Officer Trixle with a smirk comes in and tells Moose that Scout just left the island.

Ch. 4 - Murderers And Madmen
Ch. 4 - Moose runs and tries to get his friend, Scout because Officer Trixle sent Scout back. Moose gets Scout back. They go to Annie's apartment and Annie doesn't want to play baseball with them. Scout thinks that she can't strike him out but Annie does. Then Moose and Scout go to Piper's house/mansion and they meet Piper's 2 convict workers. They are Buddy Boy and Willy One Arm. Buddy Boy can do a freaky imitation of Moose's dad! Then they meet Willy One Arm and he does tricks. Willy One Arm is a chef and bakes some brownies. Scout takes one and is hesitant to eat. I would never eat a brownie that was made by someone that's in jail! Scout eats it and Piper thinks he's cute. I think Moose gets jealous of Scout.

Ch. 5 - Auntie's Revenge
Ch. 5 -
Moose and Scout go get Jimmy to play some baseball. Jimmy is talking about his "Fly Training". Theresa is there at the apartment and goes to seek out Annie. Annie decides to play baseball too but tells Moose is on the bench. Moose argues but it's no use. Moose is just sitting on the bench watching them play baseball. Annie is going to try to strike out Scout. Scout misses the first 2 pitches but on the 3rd pitch Scout clears the building. Moose is chasing the ball and runs into Trixle and the convict, Seven Fingers. Trixle says that Scout has to go home now and Moose gets his ball back from Seven Fingers. Moose is holding the ball and Scout asks him if he could have it because it's been touched by Seven Fingers. Technically now it's a convict baseball. Moose lets him have the new convict baseball. While Scout is leaving Annie asks him if she did all right. Scout answers for a pitcher.

Ch. 6 - What Capone Wants
Ch. 6 -
Moose is playing darts with his dad. Moose asks about the if any of the convicts are good. Moose's dad says nope but treat them with respect. Moose's dad is just supposed to treat the cons with respect but not trust them. Later that day Moose is getting ready to go to sleep and his hand rubs the pillow label. Moose never ever remembers having a label. Moose looks at it and it's another note. It pretty much says that Moose has to give yellow roses to Al Capone's wife on the boat exactly at 2:00 on Sunday. Then Moose and Al Capone are even.

Ch. 7 - Itchy All Over
Ch. 7 -
Moose is really itchy. When wakes up he finds that he has hives. His mom says it could be the laundry when they changed the soap. Moose thinks about this. Moose thinks that Al Capone purposely used itchy soap. She asks if he wants some breakfast before she calls the doctor, Doc Ollie. Moose says yes with some bluberry pancakes, bacon, hash browns, toast, ham, scrambled eggs and juice!!! The mom tells Moose if "He'll ever forgive her for being so wrapped up in Natalie". Then Moose goes up to visit Doc Ollie. While Moose is there he wonders if Seven Fingers left the note. Piper told Moose that every convict is either a friend of Capone or an enemy. Moose says he owes Al Capone.

Ch. 8 - Icebox Fly
Ch. 8 -
Moose goes to Annie's house to play baseball with her and when Annie's mom answers the door, she pulls Moose in talking about needlepoint. Moose is begging (in his head) that Annie comes and can bail him out. Annie's mom is talking all about needlepoints to Moose and then Annie comes in and bails him out. Once they get out they go down to the island store and find Jimmy, Theresa, and Rocky there. Then Piper also comes down to the store. Theresa yells out all of a sudden and Rocky isn't making a sound and is almost blue. Jimmy takes Rocky in his arms and gives Rocky to Moose because he's fast. Piper tries to intervene but gets pushed by Theresa. Jimmy tries calling Doc Ollie while Moose runs Rocky to Doc Ollie. Moose goes inside the cell house where he finds the doctor. Doc Ollie finds what made Rocky suffocate which was a shiny penny.

Ch. 9 - That Your Boy, Boss?
Ch. 9 - Moose's Dad and Doc Ollie are talking about rewarding Moose with a little suprise. Moose's dad is walking Moose down the hospital when they stop at one of the cells. In that cell is Al Capone. Al Capone and Moose's dad are talking when Al Capone says to Moose "When I get out, you look me up. I got a job waiting for you." Then Moose says good-bye.

Ch. 10 - A Dangerous Game
Ch. 10 -
Moose is amazed that he just met the most powerful gangster to ever live, Al Capone. Moose's dad says that once he starts doing voluntary stuff he's going to want to have something back. If you don't give it to him then he'll tell the Warden. Then you give it to him and he'll make the deal bigger. Piper comes up to Moose and Piper knew what Moose did. She says that she hates Moose now because he took her chance to meet Al Capone. Then Piper walks away and Jimmy is all mad at Moose. Jimmy says that all the boys at his school are just like Scout. Then Jimmy says to Moose "You're the only guy who likes what I like..."

Ch. 11 - A Roomful Of Wind-Up Toys
Ch. 11 -
Moose's mom comes back to the island after visiting Natalie. The dad and mom corner Moose and ask him when he's going to visit Natalie. Moose tries to argue but breaks and will go to visit Natalie.

Ch. 12 - The Irish Way
Ch. 12 -
While Moose is reading a book Mrs. Mattaman comes in. She says that Theresa is hiding out in her bedroom not coming out and she wants Moose to get Theresa out of there. He gets to the Mattaman's and tries to get Theresa out of there. Moose gets an idea of bringing Theresa to visit Natalie. Moose blurts this out and Theresa still doesn't budge. Moose doesn't argue with Theresa but he admits that he really needs her to come when he visits Natalie....

Ch. 13 - Everybody Likes Moose
Ch. 13 - It's Sunday, August 18th, 1935 and Al Capone's wife is supposed to be coming on the 2:00 PM boat. Moose is looking for Theresa when Theresa comes out of her apartment and walks upstairs to get Annie. Annie and Theresa comes down and Annie has her baseball stuff with her. The reason for that is Annie might just look for Scout at the baseball field. Annie convinces Moose to bring his baseball gear too. When he gets back he sees his dad and Mrs. Mattaman. The dad says for the girls to keep an eye on him. Annie says that "Everyone likes Moose and says it's trouble." Moose says why. And Annie says "It just is."

Ch. 14 - Dead Twelve-Year-Olds
Ch. 14 -
Moose, Annie, and Theresa go to Esther P. Marinoff. They get there and they meet Sadie, who teaches Natalie. Natalie comes in and is dragging her foot. Natalie tries to talk in 1st not 3rd person. Natalie gets new buttons when she has a good day. They find out that Natalie is going to be coming back the next weekend. Natalie says that she's angry at her mom and Moose. Then she says that she missed Moose in a really low voice.

Ch. 15 - Mae Capone Is A Looker
Ch. 15 -
Moose is taking Annie to the field where Scout "supposed" to play. While they are walking to the field Annie runs into some friends. Moose hopes that she'll go with them but she stays with him. Moose tells Theresa and Annie that he's going to buy flowers. Annie thinks it's for Piper and Moose thinks it's a good lie. They get the yellow roses and then they walk down to the dock where they will take the boat back to Alcatraz. They see a large group, and people are talking about Mae Capone. The group is all kind of reporters asking Mae Capone questions. When Mae is on the boat, a thought hits Moose's head. What if he gave a rose to every girl on the boat. Nobody could argue with that. He gives one to Mae Capone, Annie, Theresa, Doc Ollie's sister, and Bea Trixle (Officer Trixle's wife). Mae says "Why, thank you... Moose, isn't it?" He got half a dozen yellow roses which makes 6 roses and used all of them. Theresa heard Mae say Moose's name and is questioning that. All the people that Moose gave a rose are holding them carefully. Moose is amazed on the power of some roses.

Ch. 16 - Pineapple Upside-Down Cake
Ch. 16 -
Moose, Theresa, and Annie are discussing things when Officer Trixle comes in and asks Moose questions about the roses. Bea Trixle comes in and tells Officer Trixle to stop interrogating Moose. Then he tells Moose, Annie, and Theresa to stay put when the boat gets to Alcatraz. The boat gets to Alcatraz and everyone gets off except Moose, Annie, and Theresa. Some person on the boat set off the metal detector off and everyone gathers round. Theresa disappears and then Moose goes to look for her. He turns around and there she is. Theresa says that Mae Capone dropped her handerchief so she tried to find it. The person who set off the metal detector had earrings so that set it off. When Mr. Mattaman comes on the boat to escort them off Moose, Annie, and Theresa were trying to find the handerchief but had no luck. It wasn't there.

Ch. 17 - Pixie Guard #1
Ch. 17 -
It's been a laundry cycle since Moose gave Mae her yellow rose and Al Capone hasn't said anything about it since. Moose said that Annie is going to be playing baseball with him and Scout after school and Annie's mom made a needlepoint. It says "Home Run Gal" and Moose hopes that she won't make one that says "Needlepoint Guy". Scout is also coming that afternoon. Moose thinks that he should show his papers to Officer Trixle so it won't be a repeat of the last time Scout came to Alcatraz. He stops by and nobody is there but Janet Trixle, Officer Trixle's daughter. Moose shows the papers to Janet and says that they're fine. Janet says that she always wants to play with Theresa but Theresa never wants to play with Janet. Moose sees that what Janet is writing is "Theresa Pixie Guard #1". Scout arrives without any problems and Jimmy has to tell something to Scout. Jimmy wants to show China Town to Scout. Scout is amazed at it but Moose is really mad at Jimmy. Moose says that he would hate Scout if he wasn't so much fun. "Scout is the guy who brings the eggs, but never the one with the egg on his face." Scout wants to go get Annie after he sees the passageway. They get to Piper's house but Annie and Piper are going to be singing for a party. Moose asks why Scout has to be so friendly with Piper. Then Scout gives advice about girls to Moose. Annie gets to play with Moose and Scout but then when they play Moose is hitting the balls so hard because he's mad. Scout says he has to remember that when they need a home run.

Ch. 18 - Kissing A Dead Squid
Ch. 18 -
Moose goes into China Town/The Secret Passageway (not anymore) and goes there to think about things that happened recently. Soon a noise happens at the beginning of the passage and the door opens. Something is moving closer to Moose. Then Piper reveals herself. Moose then says that he's thinking about her but she says that she likes Scout. But then Piper perks up when Moose says that he is jealous of Scout. Moose then tries to kiss Piper and his mind is thinking about all the advice that Scout gave him. Theresa comes in, in the middle and says that Annie needs Moose. Theresa says that kissing Piper is like "Kissing A Dead Squid".

Ch. 19 - Drunk In The Guard Tower
​Ch. 19 -
It's Moose's first day in 8th Grade. He's got Piper in 3 of his classes. He picks up Theresa from her orientation and gets back to Alcatraz. There he and Theresa go to the island store. They see Jimmy there and Jimmy tells that Mr. Mattaman and Moose's dad both got written up for "Being Drunk In The Guard Tower". Moose isn't even worried about that!? Jimmy thinks that someone lied on them for being drunk in the guard tower. Moose gets back to his house and his mom knows too. She knows that Piper and Moose almost kissed. Moose's mom thinks that Piper lied because they almost kissed. She thinks that Piper is pretty "...but she's more trouble than stirring up a hornet's nest."

Ch. 20 - Welkum Hom Nadalee
Ch. 20 -
Moose, Theresa, and Jimmy are waiting for Natalie to be coming home with Moose's mom and dad on the 4:00 boat. Theresa has a paper with buttons on it saying "Welkum Hom Nadalee". Jimmy asks Moose if Scout is coming and Moose says no. Jimmy hides his smile. Jimmy also says that he has 50,000 flies! He thinks that Natalie can count 50,000 flies. Jimmy says that his mom also thinks that his mom got Mr. Mattaman and Moose's dad on probation. Theresa says that everyone thinks that it's Piper. When the boat comes through, Natalie gets off and triggers the metal detector. Trixle says that Riv Mattaman will have to search the suit case. But Natalie won't let go. They convince Natalie to let the suitcase go. Mr. Mattaman searches the button box and finds metal buttons. That's what set the metal detector off. Then Natalie says "Natalie is coming home."

Ch. 21 - Shiny Buttons
Ch. 21 -
Moose's dad and mom get called by Mrs. Caconi. She wants them to see her new icebox. Moose's mom and dad leave Moose there with Natalie, Theresa, and Jimmy. They help Natalie unpack her stuff. While they are helping Natalie unpack there's something hard. There's a sock that's really heavy. There's an 8 inch long screw with a washer on it. Natalie keeps saying "Bottom Drawer". Jimmy scrutinizes it and figures out that it's a bar spreader. A bar spreader is supposed to push the prison bars so the cons can escape. Moose then figures out that the bar spreader is the thing that set the metal detector off. Since Moose's dad is on probation and Mr. Mattaman are they could be fired in a snap.then Natalie says "105, 105, 105" and Moose thinks that 105 gave this to Natalie. Moose and Jimmy agree to throw it away in the bay. They find a bag to put it in but Moose can't go outside to throw it away. Instead Moose says to Jimmy throw it into the bay. Jimmy nods and goes away with it. Moose figures out that someone will be expecting the bar spreader in the bottom drawer. Sometime very soon.

Ch. 22 - Toilet's Stopped Up
Ch. 22 -
Seven Fingers is coming to Moose's house to fix the plumbing and the "Tolilet's Stopped Up". Officer Trixle and Seven Fingers are coming. Moose's dad says hello to Seven Fingers and Seven Fingers goes straight into the bathroom. Darby stands outside for a while and then goes to the front room. Darby thinks that Seven Fingers will be fine. Trixle wants some cannolis from Mrs. Mattaman and sends Moose to get some. When Moose gets back Seven Fingers says that the trouble is worse than he thought and wants to replumb the whole apartments. Trixle doesn't let him and Seven Fingers gets back to fix part of the plumbing. Moose is walking to the bathroom and whispers "Seven Fingers" but there's no response. He looks in Natalie's room and finds the bottom drawer open and Seven Fingers is in there. He goes back into the bathroom. Moose says "You stay away from her".

Ch. 23 - Seven Fingers's Candy Bars
Ch. 23 -
Moose asks his dad if they can talk. Instead Moose's dad wants to take a walk and talk. They talk about if Natalie is safe at Esther P. Marinoff. Moose asks if Natalie was getting visitors at Esther P. Marinoff like 105 AKA Onion. Moose asks if the dad if anybody would want to find her. Moose's dad says that why would they. She has no money, they don't have any money but they could kidnap her. He talks about how Natalie was as a little kid. Moose's dad says that Moose is all that he ever wanted in a son.

Ch. 24 - A Deal With The Warden's Daughter
Ch. 24 -
Moose wants to get his dad and Mr. Mattaman off probation. Moose heads up to Piper to talk about the culprit. Then Moose's mom calls him down and wants Moose to watch Natalie because she's getting interviewed for 4 piano lessons. His Mom doesn't agree with taking Natalie up to the Warden's house. Moose asks his dad if he would let him. Moose's dad says yes and Moose takes Natalie to Piper's house. They get there and Willy One Arm answers the door and lets Moose in. Moose gets inside and sees Piper playing checkers with Buddy Boy. Natalie is very interested in Molly (Willy One Arms mouse). Moose asks Piper if he can talk to her outside but Piper says no. Natalie is so interested in Molly that Moose says that they can see Molly tomorrow. Piper slips out of the house when Moose and Natalie are leaving. Moose asks if Piper had anything to do with Moose's dad and Mr. Mattaman on probation. She did and will tell her dad that it looked like beer but was apple juice. Piper says that Moose will owe her. But Moose asks if she can be a little nicer and kisses her. He doesn't use any of Scout's advice. He says he's going to do this "his way". Natalie says "Theresa" and there she comes. Theresa comes with Jimmy. Theresa and Jimmy explain that Janet has the bar spreader in her toys! They rush out to go get the bar spreader.

Ch. 25 - The Bad Guys Are Locked Up
Ch. 25 -
Moose, Jimmy, Theresa, and Natalie are rushing to get to the Trixle's house. They knock several times but there's no answer. They are amazed that the door is locked because no one's is. They don't lock up doors because "The Bad Guys Are Locked Up". Moose wonders how the bar spreader even got there in the first place. Jimmy says "Go ahead and say it". Jimmy admits that he throws horrible. Jimmy says that Moose is mad that he messed up and Moose is also embarrassed that he can't play baseball. Moose admits that and Jimmy says that Moose is just like everyone else and turns and walks away. Then Theresa said that Jimmy gets mad at no one except her. Moose checks on the Trixle's but they still aren't home. Moose is going to say to Janet that Jimmy is going to make a much better carousel than the one she made. Then they'll get rid of it. Moose checks on the Trixle's in the morning but Janet left to go somewhere and visit her cousins. Later on Annie and Piper come over to Moose's house. Then Piper says that she's going to the party when the people from the FBI are coming to Alcatraz. Moose says no but Piper reminds him about the "deal" they made. Moose says that he has to watch Natalie but that's already taken care of. Mrs. Caconi is going to watch Natalie. Piper knows that Al Capone is going to be a waiter during the performance when Piper and Annie are singing. Piper says that she got Moose's dad on probation and Annie heard. Annie even agrees that Moose should do whatevey Piper wants him to do. Annie agreed with Piper and told Moose.

Ch. 26 - Al Capone Is The Waiter
​Ch. 26 -
Alcatraz is ready for J. Edgar Hoover and Eliot Ness. Everyone is getting ready for the party that night. Moose's dad tells Moose as soon as Piper and Annie are done singing Moose has to come straight back to Mrs. Caconi. Jimmy and Theresa are also helping her out. The party is at the Officers' Club When the party starts Annie and Piper sing. When they're done singing they get outside. Piper and Moose leave Annie and go to the downstairs part of the Officers' Club. They watch the cooks and waiters who are cons. Then Officer Trixle says "Number 85 you're on. This is your moment!" They see Al Capone in a waiter's outfit. They see Al Capone really quick spit into the 2 potatoes for J. Edgar Hoover and Eliot Ness. Al Capone walks as if nothing happened. Piper and Moose quick rush up the stairs to the 1st level. Moose doesn't want to but Piper is going to scream if he doesn't move. Piper and Moose rush into a closet where they can see everything that's happening. Al Capone serves Eliot Ness first and watches him eat the spit filled potatoes. Moose sees Willy One Arm throw salt over his shoulder. Piper says that Willy One Arm forgot to throw salt over his shoulder the night he lost his arm. Officer Trixle heads up to the room and says that J. Edgar Hoover's wallet is right here. The Warden says that it is a bad idea to cut back the guard forces because he got his pocket picked on Alcatraz. They have the cleverest criminals in the whole country.

Ch. 27 - Throw, Catch, Throw, Catch
Ch. 27 -
Moose gets Piper out of the Officers' Club. Moose says that "Ness ate Capone's spit..." Then something hits Moose. How are they supposed to get to the 64 building? Moose suggests that they throw a rock and then run for it. They do that but they're still trapped. Then Piper does it her way. She walks out in front of the guard tower and says that they just came back from the party. They get back to Mrs. Caconi's and she's watching Natalie. She cries "Do you have her?" Moose tries to figure out where Natalie would go. He checks the places he would think where she would go when Moose and Piper run into Jimmy and Theresa. Theresa doesn't know where Natalie is when she says that Jimmy was supposed to watch Natalie. He was trying to get the ball (baseball). Theresa says that's all Jimmy does "Throw, Catch, Throw, Catch". Then it comes to Moose. He said to Natalie that they could see Natalie tomorrow. They rush up to Piper's house. Moose rushes into the back door. There is Piper's mom all sick. Piper finds Natalie and Moose. Piper gets all mad at Moose for not listening to her. Tears are coming down her face. Piper is screaming that nobody likes you or they are all trying to be your friend. She's screaming at Natalie too. Moose and Natalie get back to the apartment and Mrs. Mattaman is waiting there for them. She says that they must go to her house in the morning. Moose asks if Piper's mom is okay and she says "I dunno"

Ch. 28 - Pig Half In The Poke
Ch. 28 -
Moose and Natalie wake up. Moose tells his dad that they're going to the Mattaman's house for "breakfast". They go over to the Mattaman's and Mr. Mattaman is waiting for them. Mr. Mattaman asks what they were doing last night and where everyone was. After that is done Moose and Natalie leave. Moose asks why Natalie went to all these places and if 105 visited. Natalie almost has a fit but Moose stops her. Soon everyone would be looking at Natalie. Officer Trixle comes up and says to Moose that he had a brother just like Natalie. Officer Trixle never visited his brother. Officer Trixle just said that you have to have a "clean slate".

Ch. 29 - A Sweet Spot For Moose
Ch. 29 -
Moose goes down to the store to hang out with Jimmy, Theresa, and Annie. they help out Mrs. Mattaman, Mrs. Caconi, Annie's mom, Bea, and Janet Trixle come in to bake cakes. Janet tells them that they can hear with big ears. Moose, Jimmy, Theresa, and Annie all go down to the Secret Passageway to hear. They talk about if Piper's mom is going to make it through. They also talk about Moose and Piper too. Since they are talking about Moose they say that Annie has "A Sweet Spot For Moose". They're going to find Moose is going to have to go up to the Warden's house and talk to Piper.

Ch. 30 - Why Are Boys Special?
Ch. 30 -
Moose is walking as slowly as possible to get to Piper's house. As Moose is walking up he sees Piper and she says go away. Piper wants "It" to go. Moose says that it's fine but until Piper says that she could have a "Natalie" brother. Moose convinces Piper to come with him to the Mattaman's house. When they get there Piper falls into Mrs. Mattaman's arms. Piper cries and admits that she tried to get Mr. Mattaman fired. She says that she's sorry. Piper just falls asleep at the Mattaman's.

Ch. 31 - The Warden's Party
Ch. 31 -
The Warden is running around saying that he has a boy to everyone. Everyone goes to "The Warden's Party" which is at the Officer's Club. But Piper is nowhere to be seen. Mrs. Mattaman sends Annie, Theresa, Natalie, and Moose up to the Warden's house. It's a foggy afternoon. They get to the Warden's house and see Willy One Arm and Buddy Boy. Piper comes to the door. They hear Jimmy call and Piper tells Buddy Boy to get the door but Buddy Boy doesn't answer. But Mrs. Caconi comes to the door instead. She gives Walter to Piper and takes a nap. They also hear Jimmy again calling for Moose and Piper. Moose goes and gets the door but Piper also comes. Piper takes Walter with her too. Natalie wants to go home and Moose says that they will after they get the door. When they walk outside Jimmy isn't there. Then all of a sudden someone says "Shut it, or you die."

Ch. 32 - The Good Prisoner
Ch. 32 -
Moose figures out that it's Buddy Boy has him. He also figures out that Buddy Boy, Willy One Arm, and Seven Fingers are dressed up in officers clothes with shiny black shoes. The cons have guns. They want to kill the baby and have a big arguement on what to do. Then Moose sees Jimmy out of the corner. If only he could get his attention. Willy One Arm runs off to take the baby somewhere. Moose then figures out that Jimmy is at the Warden's house and if he could get Buddy Boy to talk in his Jimmy imitation. Moose tricks him into doing his imitation of Jimmy a couple times. Then Natalie says "Three men, five arms. Five, five arms. Three men, five arms, no guns. No." The cons are walking in the middle where the guards are supposed to be. Buddy Boy imitates Moose's dad walk and makes it look like a couple of families walking. Natalie keeps saying 0 guns 0. They board a boat and Moose hopes that Mr. Mattaman would stop them from coming on. But doesn't. Moose is walking across the gangplank and he says he's a "Good Prisoner". Moose says that Natalie is never wrong about counting. Moose then cries "No! HELP!"

Ch. 33 - Outside The Warden's House
Ch. 33 -
Something cracks like wood in Moose's back and his world spins. Moose doesn't want to get knocked out. Then he sees flies in the air, swarms of them, and Janet Trixle yells with her bullhorn. Buddy Boy, Willy One Arm, and Seven Fingers scatter when they see how many real guards are around. Annie comes and pelts rocks at the cons. Officer Trixle comes in and decks Seven Fingers. Mr. Bomini comes in and takes Buddy Boy. Buddy Boy comes out of the boat and waves a hummingbird handkerchief in the air. Willy One Arm tries to make a run for it but Mr. Bomini comes and slams him into the boat deck that it knocks Willy One Arm. Tears are running down Natalie’s face and says no guns. Piper then is saying that she has to find her brother. Moose’s dad says that they’ll send someone up there and asks where they last saw him. Moose says “Outside The Warden’s House”. Moose’s dad wants him to see Doc Ollie. Everybody on the island is rushing around and then when Doc Ollie comes. Moose’s dad wants Natalie and Moose to go with him. But when Moose looks around he, it’s just him.

Ch. 34 - The Boss
Ch. 34 -
Moose tells his father that Natalie was just here. His father tells him to stay here but Moose knows where she went. Moose runs as fast as he can looking for Natalie. Then Moose seese the flash of Natalie's dress going to the hospital entrance of the cell house. Moose runs in there when he sees a guard knocked out on the floor. Moose keeps on running and sees Natalie standing in front of a cell. In the cell Moose sees Al Capone with the baby. Moose wonders how the baby got in there. Then Al Capone shows them that there's a space between the bars using dental floss and cleanser. Trixle comes in and sees the opening in the bar and says that Capone has to be moved from that cell. They get Piper's brother and get out of there.

Ch. 35 - The Pixie Jailer Playground
Ch. 35 -
Everyone is amazed at what 7 kids could do. Even the Warden and Trixle! Moose's parents are really happy of what Moose and what Natalie did. The pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place. Mae had the boat keys in her handkerchief. The keys might have come from a guy on Angel Island. The boat of Alcatraz is owned by the army and someone on Angel Island has a key. Al Capone helped out Seven Fingers but didn't try to escape. He knew that the escape wouldn't work and the officers could have extended his sentence. Al Capone played his banjo every night so it covered up Seven Fingers sawing the bars with floss. Capone had his shoe shining service so he could get his shoes for Buddy Boy and Seven Fingers. Willy One Arm stole his from the Warden. The Warden has meetings for days that go on during the nights. They might blame Trixle for having a bar spreader on the island even if Janet told the truth that it "washed up" onto the beach. Then Moose's dad brings up that 105, Johnny Jay visited Natalie and worked as a gardener at Esther P. Marinoff. Then Moose learns that 105 wrote a love letter to Natalie. Moose's mom understand why Moose didn't tell anybody about this because his dad might tell the Warden. Moose's dad says that they're going to do the right thing and tell the Warden about this stuff.

Ch. 36 - Kids On The Rock
Ch. 36 -
Everything settles down. The fear that everyone had went away. When the cons tried to escape changed the way the kids think about each other. Everyone contributed to help the cons not escape. Janet saw Theresa running from the top and ran down with her bullhorn. Theresa found out that she was right about the hummingbird handkerchief. Jimmy snuck down to the dock and let loose his flies at the right moment. Natalie spotted the fake guns. Annie used her pitching arm. Piper discovered that she could love her baby brother. Moose is playing baseball with Jimmy, Theresa, Annie, Janet, and Natalie. Jimmy is catcher and Moose thinks he’s pretty good and Natalie is the ump like a machine. After they are down Moose apologizes to Jimmy for not liking his flies and Jimmy apologizes for showing people the Secret Passageway. Moose says life is complicated even on a prison island it would be clear but it’s not.

Ch. 37 - The Yellow Dress
Ch. 37 -
Natalie is going back to Esther P. Marinoff. Moose’s mom makes sure that Natalie’s “Yellow Dress” is super clean. Natalie says that she has a new button. No 2 buttons are alike just like baseball games for Moose. Natalie keeps saying that she has a new button and Sadie, Mom, or her dad didn’t put it on. Natalie says “Good Job” and hands Moose a note. Moose looks at the note and recognizes the handwriting and it says “Good Job”.