Summaries From Chapter 15 And On

Summary-In chapter 15, Moose, Annie and Theresa are walking back from Esther P. Marinoff and they get some yellow roses from a store and when they get on the boat, Moose walks past Mae Capone and gives her a flower and also gives Theresa and Annie a flower too! When he thinks he is going to get in trouble, everything turns out okay!

Summary- In Chapter 16 they are all still on the boat and they (including Trixle) talked about what the roses were all about. Then Bea Trixle comes in and tells Officer Trixle to stop asking him so many things. They then say that when the boat stops they have to stay on the boat. Then when somebody gets off the boat the metal detector goes off and it is somebody that has earrings that set it off. Then they notice that Mae Capone dropped her handkerchief, so then they try to find it but they did not find anything.

Summary- In chapter 17 Moose is going to go and try to get Theresa to play with them. Then somebody named Janet pops up and said that she and Theresa got into a fight and Theresa never made up. Then they go and try to get Piper to play. Then for some reason Annie wants Moose to kiss Piper. EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!!!

Summary- In chapter 18, Moose is about to kiss Piper when all of a sudden Theresa hollers out. They then get out of the place they were in and Theresa is really mad at him for doing this and she thinks this is not the first time this has happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!UH OH

Summary-In chapter 19, Moose finds out that his dad and Jimmy's dad got drunk in the guard tower but Moose's mom says that somebody made that up. Then Moose's mom and him get talking about Mrs. Mattaman and Moose's mom talking about when Theresa told her mom (Mrs. Mattaman) about when she saw Moose and Piper kissing and then Moose says that "Piper is mad at Theresa but Piper is always mad at somebody so just forget this happened".

Summary- In Chapter 20, Moose Theresa and Natalie are waiting for Natalie to come home. When she does, of course, Officer Trixle makes the guards on the boat check her bags, but there is nothing in there but a couple of new buttons.

Summary- In chapter 21, Moose, Theresa, Jimmy and Natalie are at Moose's house and Natalie keeps saying bottom drawer. Moose then finds a bar spreader and tries to get from Natalie so his parents do not find out about this. When he is doing this, Nat then says 105 a lot of times. Moose then says when did you see 105? And Nat is silent.............

Summary-In Chapter 22, Moose and his dad are at the officers club talking about the backed up toilets . Then Moose's dad asks Moose to go get a cannoli from the Mattamans? When he goes there he sees Seven fingers digging in the BOTTOM DRAWER. And now Moose knows something is up! UHHHHH OOOHHHH!

Summary-In Chapter 23, Moose and his dad are talking. Moose says that he doesn't think that Natalie is completely safe at Esther P. Marinoff and with Seven Fingers in their apartment all the time. Moose's dad says the same, but their is no reason that that they would want to do any harm to her because she doesn't have anything important....

Summary- In chapter 24, Moose is trying to get his dad and Jimmy's dad off probation. Then Moose's mom comes up and says that she has to go off the island for something for work. Moose asks if he can go to the Warden's house to talk to Piper about something. His mom originally says no because he has to babysit Natalie. But Moose finds a way to get his dad to say yes. When he gets there Piper is playing checkers with Willy One Arm. She doesn't want to talk, but yet again Moose finds a way to talk to her. Moose asks if Piper had anything to do with his dad on probation. She eventually confesses. Then of course again Piper kisses Moose for the second and the third time. After this, Jimmy comes screaming down saying that Janet Trixle somehow got the bar spreader and is using it for her carousel. Since Natalie is there she sees Moose and Piper kiss again and says Moose kiss, Moose is kissing....UHHHHH OOOOHHHH!!!!!

Summary- In chapter 25, Moose, Annie, Theresa, Jimmy and Natalie are going to the Trixle's house to see if Janet is home, to try and get the bar spreader. They are all surprised because they don't answer and they try to go into the apartment because most people that are on the island keep their door unlocked because the bad people are locked up. The next morning, Moose goes to the Trixle's house again to see if they are home, and they are. It is only Bea Trixle that is there because they took Janet to her cousins house because they like horses. Piper then meets up with Moose and says that if he does not come to the party tonight, she will make something else up to get his dad off the island.......UH OH!!!!!!!

Summary- In Chapter 26, the Warden is checking everything around the Alcatraz grounds to make sure everything is okay for the party later on that night. As night comes, Moose is at the Caconi's saying bye to Nat and Theresa before he goes to the party. When Piper and Annie are done performing, Moose goes outside to wait for them. Moose and Piper then go to the downstairs door and find that it is locked, but luckily, Piper has the key. When they get downstairs, they can see through some cracks to the kitchen and see Al Capone getting ready to serve somebody. Moose then says that "Okay that is all you wanted to see, so let's go." Then Piper says no wait, and if you don't I will scream as loud as I can. Moose decides to stay and the only other thing they saw was Al Capone serving the Warden. Then Al Capone finds Edgar Hoover's wallet and returns it to him.

Summary- In chapter 27, Moose and Piper are going back to their houses until they find Mr. Mattaman in the guard tower. So they then have to sneak past him to get home. They eventually do. When Moose and Piper get to the Caconi's apartment, Mrs. Caconi said that they lost Natalie.They soon figure out that Nat wanted to see Molly the Mouse, which was at Piper's house. When they get there Piper slips inside locking the others out. Moose then goes in through the back door and finds out that Piper's mom is pregnant and Piper did not want them to find out. This then turns into a huge fight and Piper calls Moose's whole family morons. After that she screams as loud as she can in Natalie's face and says "your a moron". She starts to cry. Poor Natalie.

Summary- In chapter 28, Moose goes to the Mattamans house and Jimmy and Theresa are talking about Jimmy's dad and Moose's dad being on probation and he says that he has to talk to Jimmy and Theresa privately about this. Then when Moose gets home, he is talking to Nat about Sadie, 105, the bar spreader and all of those things when Officer Trixle says what is going on Moose. Moose says nothing and Jimmy, Annie and Theresa are coming to help Moose bring Nat into their apartment. Then Officer Trixle comes and says that he feels bad for him........

Summary-In Chapter 29, Moose and Theresa are going to somewhere and he runs into Mrs. Mattaman. She says that PIper's mom is in lots of trouble because aparently she went to the hospital. She says that Piper might loose her mom. UUUUHHHH OOOOHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Summary-In chapter 30, Moose and Piper are going to the Mattaman's house. Piper is going there to apologize to them so she can get back Theresa's relationship. She does, and then falls asleep on Mrs. Mattaman's lap........

Summary- In chapter 31, the Warden is yelling out to the people on the island that "It is a boy, the baby is a boy". Then Moose and Theresa and
Annienotice that Piper is not there. So they go looking for her. When they find her, they then go to Piper's house and help take care of the baby. Piper does not really care for this because she can still not get over her mom in so much from the baby. Then for some reason Nat wants to go home and Moose then hears a voice whispering into his ear saying "Shut it or you die". UUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Summary- In chapter 32, Moose finds out that it was Buddy boy talking to him and that he was not kidding. So they are then waiting in Piper's room for a little bit. They then get up and walk to a boat. Somehow Moose manages to yell "HELP"...........

Summary- In Chapter 33, Moose gets nailed in the back after he yells out. All the guards and everybody is by the water. They then figure out that somebody took the baby. They go looking for him and cannot find him. When they are looking, Moose, his dad and Nat are all together looking for the baby. Soon after they are looking for Natalie!!!!!!!!!!!!!UUUUUUUHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Summary- In chapter 34, they are now searching for Nat and the baby. Moose then thinks he knows where Nat is. Moose and his Dad start to sprint. Then Al Capone comes out with th baby and Nat. It is looking like Al Capone did not do any harm, even though it looks like the baby's neck is broken. Officer Trixle then comes and says that Al Capone will be spending the night in the "Hole"!?

Summary- In chapter 35, nothing really goes on except the whole story just pieces together and everything makes sense!

Summary- In chapter 36, again nothing really happens except Moose apologizes for pretending to like Jimmy's flies and Jimmy apologizes to Moose about telling Scout about the secret passageway.

Summary- In chapter 37, Moose gets a note from Al Capone saying Good Job and Nat also gets a new button from Al Capone.