Ch. 15- Mea Capone is a Looker
This is the day that Moose has to give Yellow Roses to Mae Capone. Annie and Theresa are their also to see if Scout wants to play ball. Moose takes them to the field that Scout doesn't play at. When they get there they see that Scout isn't there so Moose says that i have to get yellow roses for Piper. They find a flower shop that has Red, Yellow, and Pink Roses. Moose buys have a dozen and they head back for the boat. When they get to the boat they see a lot of people and Mae Capone! Next the warden comes which makes it even harder to give her the flower. Moose comes up with an idea. He gives a flower to every women on the boat. When he gives one to Bea Trixle she gets all happy and says to Officer Trixle "You know my Birthday is coming up." Finally he gets the chance to give one to Mrs. Capone. When he gives it to her she says "Why, Thank you... Moose, isn't it?

Thoughts and Quetions. . .

*If Mrs. Capone knew what Moose's name was she had to find out some how? I think she found out maye because Al Capone sent her a letter becuase I think it saus in the last book that they go throught all the letters except family letters.

Ch. 16- Pineapple Upside-Down Cake
Officer trixle is mad at Moosefor giving his wife a rose and calls him a ladies man. Next he is asking questions like "What are you kids doin on this run anyways?" and "Wasn't anything to do with Mae Capone being here?" When he asks this questions Moose gets all swety but trixle dosen't notice. Later Theresa notices that Mae Capone dropped her hannky. When Moose and Annie go to see it the hannky was gone!

Thoughts and Questions. . .

*What is a "Gramophone?" I looked it up and it is a Phonograph which is like a record player.
*Why is Darby mad at Moose for giving his wife a flower? Maybe he took it the wrong way and was just trying to make him mad.

Ch. 17- Pixie Guard #1
In this chapter Moose doesn't get any more notes from Capone. Scout is coming in today to play ball so they can play a game but when a girl named Janet come's and says that Theresa and her got in a fight and she never made up. Scout comes in and Jimmy shows Scout the secret hiding spot which Moose isn't to happy about. Jimmy also tells Moose that Piper likes Moose and that Jimmy thinks they should kiss.


Ch. 19- Drunk in the Guard Tower
This chapter was mainly about Theresa and Jimmy's Dad " Being Drunk in the Guard Tower." He says that he didn't know about what happend and says that someone is out to get him. Later Moose is talking to him about Him and Piper and how she is harder to handle than it looks. Also Mooses mom thinks that she was the one who told her dad that Jimmys dad was drunk. Also she talks about how Moose " Likes" needlepoint.

Thoughts and Questions. . .

*Why is Piper out to get Jimmy's dad? Was it somthing that Jimmy or Theresa Did?
Answer- Maybe she is out to get him because Theresa came in right when they where about to kiss?

Ch. 20-Welkum Hom Nadalee
This chapter is about how Natalie is coming home for the weekend. Theresa is really excited to she Nat. She made a Welcome Home Natalie sign but spelled it like Welkun Hom Nadalee. When Nat gets on the Island she has to go through the metal Detector which beeps. Mr. Mattaman searches her botton box and finds that her metal bottons set the alarm off.

Thoughts and Questions. . .

*​It almost seems that Natalie is like in this little shell tha is telling her to act the way she should and every time she dosent it seems like a little bit of her is slowly coming out of it.

Ch. 21-Shiny Buttons
In this chapter Natalie kees on saying "Bottom Drawer." When Moose is putting her stuuf in her dresser he finds a sock that has somthing in it. It is a screw. This isn't any ordinary screw it is a screw that is used to opends bars of a jail cell! THey find out this most of ben what set the alarm off. They ask her where she got the screw froma nd he says from Alcatraz 105. Some how they need to find a way to get the screw out of sight. Now Moose's mom and daare home which makes it even harder to get rid of! Natalie won't let go of the screw. Moose says that I willgive you my Golden Bottons. This makes Natalie thinks. She still does't give it to him. Theresa says Natille if you don't give it to me we won't be friends. natalie finaly givers her the screw. Jimmy has to find a way to get rid of it. Know that they are gone Moose knows that someoneis going to be looking for it and Very soon!

Thoughts and Questions. . .

*Could the person looking for it be Seven Fingers because The next Chapters Title is Toilet's Stopped Up?

Ch. 22-Toilets Stopped Up
In this chapter the Toilets are stopped up. Which means that Seven Fingers is Coming to fix it! Later that day Seven Fingers comes and says that the Building needs to be replubed but trixle says just fix it. Moose has to run to get some cannolis fr Trixle. When hegets back he checks on Seven Fingers. When he opend the door he wasn't there! He goes to check Natalie's door and there he is with the botton drawer open. Moose says "You stay away from her" but Seven Fingers says " This isn't kid stuff. " Also he says "We know where she sleeps!"

Thoughts and Questions. . .

*Could Seven Fingers and maybe Al Capone planning an ecscape?

Ch. 23-Seven Finger's Candy Bars
In this chapter Moose and his dad are talking about Seven Fingers. Moose and his da hae to walk up a hill that is really windy so his dad can get a good view of San Francisco. Mooe first asks "What if Esther P. Marinoff School isn't as safe as we thought?" His dad says "What do you mean safe?" Moose says "What if Natalie isn't safe there?" Moose's da doesn't understand and says "Safe you mean how?" Moose says "What is Natalie s getting visitors?" Moose's dad says what kind of visitors. Moose says "I'm worried about the convict 105" . . . Moose and his dad start talking about Seven Fingers now. Moose says "I don' trust Seven Fingers." and Moose's dad says GOOD. They talk about how the plumbing never gets better and the Seven Fingers likes his Chocolate Bras a little to much. Next they talk about how Natalie went to the doctor and the doctor said (Sorry it sounds like the Monkeys Jumping on the bed) that what she had was contagious and that she should be shipped off to a ranch in Arizona.

Thoughts and Quetions. . .

*What would happen if they didn't give Seven Fingers his Chocolate Bar?
*I think that Mr. Trixle should get fired because all it sounds like in the book that he is a lazy butt an all he does is just sit around and get other people in trouble.
*I might be getting in another chapter but to me it seems like Natalie is trying the best that shecan to escape her little prison that is holding her inside. Natalie is getting better becasue the last book all she did was stare at the ground but know she will glance at Moose and Make a small smile like she is trying her best to get out of the darkness.

Ch. 24- A Deal with the Warden's Daughter
In this chapter Moose needs to get his dad and Mr. Mattaman off of probation. To do so he needs to go talk to Piper. Moose was thinking of having Jimmy do it but then he would want to do it because she looks pretty and her face is soft like a brand new baseball but better. On his way up to Pipers house his mom says to him that she has to go to the city to maybe get a job for piano teaching. Moose trys to beg to see if Natalie can come but she says NO. Moose asks if he can ask dad and they can see what he says. When they ask him he says "Yes". Moose explains why they are going to Piper's and says if she is good he will bake her a lemon Cake. Natalie dosen't like this because Moose is a bad baker so she says "Buy". Moose starts Laughing. When they get to the Wardens house Natalie sees the mouse that Willy One Arm has and she is excited but Willy doesn't like just mouse he calls her Molly. Moose is scared becase he dosen't know how she will react. When Moose goes in Piper is ignoring him and it looks like she hasn't slept in two days. Moose keeps asking if she will come talk to him but she wont come. He finalle gets he to talk to him. He asks he did you but my dad on probation. She says "Yes". She says that Moose deserved it becasue he didn't stand upfor her. Also she tells Moose "Nobodycan er be mad at little Moosey." She says that she will square it away but she owes him. Next she kisses him. Later Jimmy come running up sayin that he threw the bar spreader but janet must have found it up on shore. Moose says we need to get it back.

Thoughts and Questions. . .

*Who is Buddy Boy? Is it the warden?
*Yet againg im going to say this Natalie is doing really good at trying not to throw tantrums. She can change a little but it's not like she will just turn into a normal kid.

Ch. 25- The Bad Guys are Locked Up
In this chapter Moose, Natalie, Theresa, and Jimmy all go to Janet's house so they can get the bar speader. When they get their they keep on ringing the door bell. Knw one comes. Jimmy says "Shall I go in" but Moose trys to open the door but it's locked. Moose thinks to himself "The doors are never locked on Alcatraz becuase all the bad guys are locked up." Jimmy then gets all mad at himself because when he threw it he threw it like a wimp. Moose says it's not your fault. Jimmy then says that moose shuld tell the truth for once and then walks away. Theresa is staning there with her mouth open and says that Jimmy never gets mad at anybody not even me! Piper then comes later and says that she has thought of the pay back the Moose has to pay. Piper want's Moose to go to the dinner at the officers club with her and Annie and see if they can find Al Capone because he is the waiter.

​ Thoughts and Questions. . .

*Why woul the Trixle's keep their door locked? Maybe becuase they where gone for the day?

Ch. 26- Al Capone is the Waiter
In this chapter they are cleaning every little spek of dust off Alcatraz because J. Edgar Hoover and Eliot Ness are coming to tour the place. When they go to the dinner Piper is singing and Annie is playing the Piano. When they where listening to her it sounded like she was a dead cow! Moose and Piper then go to the basement of the Officers club and head up a staircase to top which s where the pantry is located. A couple times they had tol hold their breathes becasue a person woul come in and look for something. At the end of the chapter Trixle says to every one that someone had lost their wallet. It says J. Edgar Hoover. The the warden says that you must have gotten your wallet pick pocketed.

Thoughts and Questions. . .

*Why would they have Piper sing if she was such a bad singer? Maybe because she was the Wardens Daughter?

Ch. 27- Throw, catch, Throw, Catch
In this chapter Moose and Piper are talking about how Mr. Ness ate capones spit. Moose then says that spittng is the trick to his shinning of the shoes. Then they talk about how Willy was amazing and that they didn't even see his hand move! Then they realize how are they going to get back to 64 without Mr. Mattaman spotting them. Piper gets an Idea she throwsa rock and Mr. Mattaman will search tosee what it is ten they will run. Mr. Mattaman still spots them but Piper just says that the performance ran late. Mr. Mattaman lets them go. When they get to Mrs. Caconi huse and she says that Natalie ran away! Moose, Piper, Theresa, and Jimmy all go and find her. Then Moose relizes that she wanted to go see Molly today. They go to Pipers house but she doesn't want them to come in. Moose finds a way in the back door and in the kitchen he sees a bed with Mrs. Williams. When Moose sees her she looks gray like a dead fish? Piper finds Natalie. Piper gets all mad at Moose for going in and says that my mom is going to be OK. Next she starts crying and gets really mad at moose and starts yelling. When they go back Mrs. Mattaman is really mad at them and says they are in big trouble. Moose asks if Pipers mom is OK. She says I really don't know.

Thoughts and Questions. . .

*I have a prediction could Mrs. Williams give birth to atistic child? Will Piper then learn to like Natalie?
*Could Mrs. Caconi have Alsimeres. I think this becasue she said that she was here and then she was gone.

Ch. 28- Pig Half in the Poke
In this chapter Moose, Jimmy, and Theresa have to go to the Mattamans to talk about what happend last night. Moose explains that Piper told her dad that Mr. Mattaman and Moose's dad were drinking before the job. Mr. Mattaman ask why she would do this. Theresa says that Moose likes Piper. Mr. Mattaman says that this is none of your buisness. Theresa then says that Piper is the one that is crazy and that Theresa didn't do anything. Mr. Mattaman dosen't ike ths and starts yelling at her. When they are done Moose and natalie go home. Natalie then starts talking about how she is moron. Moose then asks does 105 visit you but she doesn't answer. Moose then asks "How did the bar spreader get in you suitcase?" Natalie says that SADIE packs her suitcase. Then Natalie's bodie like shuts down and she curls in a ball and lays on the floor. Moose needs to get Theresa, Jimmy, and even Janet to help him carry her into their house. Mr. Trixle then comes in and says that he had a brother with autsim and that his parents shipped him away and that theynever saw him again. He then makes fun of the Flanagans and says they are to soft.

Thoughts and Questions. . .

*I think that Mr. Trixle is a big meany and that he should be proud of Moose for being their for Natalie. I don't think its fair that he just shipped his brother away like that. Just becuase they have Autisim doesn't mean they arn't like me and you. Mr. Trixle is MEAN.

Ch. 29- A Sweet Spot for Moose
In this chapter Mooses mom goes with Natalie into her room and Natalie is really tired becuase Fits tire her out. Next Moose goes to the Canteen with Annie, Jimmy, and Theresa. Next all the ladies come in and says that they need to go play outside. Janet tells Theresa that that means they need to tak without us hearing becuase we have big ears. they sill want to hear the talk so the goto China Town and go into the secret passageway. The ladie start talking about if she is goning to make it. Now the start talking about Piper all a lone with he mom at the Hospital and her dad paying no attention to hr/ Next they start talking about how they could help her and one ladie says Moose could go over. Then they tart talking about how Annie has a sweet spot for Moose. Annie then escapes and runs as fast as she can. Moose then runs so the ladie can't find him. Mrs. Mattaman tells himthat he has to goand help Piper.

Thoughts and Questions

*Is Piper still going to be mad about what happend last night? Will she want any part of Moose? Will she still be mad at Natalie?

Ch. 30- Why are Boys so Special?
In this chapter Moose has to go to Pipers huse to chear her up. When Willy One Arm lets him in it smeels like bandaids and sickness. The blinds are shut tight so no light comes in. Moose then sees Piper in a ball on the staircase. Moose asks her what are you going to name the baby. Piper says "IT." Moose asks your going to name the baby it. Piper then sas It Ee-It. This makes Piper smile a little. Then she says I wanted It to die not my mom. Mose then says that Theresa is ok and their could be worse. Piper then says "Ya I could have a Natalie." Moose hates this and says whats wrong with Natalie. Piper then asks "Why ar boys so specail?" Moose says they arn't. Piper then says Annie can play ball as good as you can you think she is wose. Mooose then makes her go to Mrs. Mattamans house. Moose thinks she won' come but she does. When she gets there she starts to cry andputs her head down on Mrs. Mattamans lap. Theresa then comes in and Mrs. and Mr. Mattaman says that they have forgave Piper and that she should to. Teresa Forgives Piper. Then Piper then falls asleep on Mrs. Mattamans lap like a baby.

Thoughts and Questions. . .

*Could Piper have a Brother/Sister with atisum? If so will Mr. Wiliams(The Warden) be really mad and want to ship his child off like Mr. Trixle did?

Ch. 31- The Wardens Party
The island is tense this past week becasue no one knows if Mrs, Williams is going to make it. Mooses mom and Dad says that the Warden has been parading the baby boy up and down the island. Mooses mom also said that the Warden is already going to have a party toinight. Moose, Annie, Theresa go to Pipers house to cheer her up becasue she is all alone. When they come in she has a mouth full of cream. Mrs. Caconi is having trouble getting up the stairs so they go and help her. Piper then sees her brother and says "Get It out of here!" Annie tries to cherr her up by telling her her that her mom is ok. This only makes her cry more. Natalie then says "Help. We help baby." This only makes her cry even more. Natalie goes and gets a tissue and wipes Piper's tears. Moose, Piper, and Natalie go outside to take Natalie home. Some one clings on thiers necks and "Shut it, or you die!"

Thoughts and Questions. . .

*Why is Piper somad that she has a baby brother. can't she enjoy him? Does so not lie him since she never got the attention and that her dad always wanted a boy? What would happen if the baby where a girl?

Ch. 32- The Good Prisoner
Buddy Boy says not to talk. Moose doesn't now how Natalie is going to like this? Natalie then sees Molly on Willy's shoulder. Natalie dosn't like the grip on her neck and tries to spin to free herself which only makes it worse because they grip onto her harder. Then Moose looks at the baby. He starts to cry. Seven Fingers says give e the baby I will make it shut up. Willy says you can't kill a baby on the thirtheenth. Moose then sees Jimmy coming up. But how they just heard there voice. Moose then ask can you talking in Jimmys voice. He does and hopfully they can hear him with Jimmy inside. Seven FIngers makes them move to the boat. When they get to the boat Natalie keeps saying "Zero" but Moose says "Zero what?" Moose doesn't understand that they have a boat key and guns but the alarm didn't go off on the switch box. When the get on the boat Moose can't take it and yells "HELP!"

Thoughts and Questions. . .

*Moose has a lot of guts to yell help when you have the most powerful cons right infront of you.

Ch. 33- Out Side the Wardens House
Buddy Boy hits Moose. Then a swarm of flies comes. Moose then screams they don't have guns. Buddy hits him even harder on the head. Annie then is throwing stones. Its Annie. One hits Seven Fingers right in the Adams Apple. The cons then run away. Moose's dad says that he is going to look for the baby and that the kids should stay there. Piper doesn't like tghis and screams "HE'S NOT YOUR BROTHER." Mooses dad then says to Natalie that she is a trooper. Natalie really likes this. Mooses dad tak them to go inside to see Doc. Ollie but when Moose turns around Natalie isn't their!

Thoughs and Questions. . .

*If Natalie where to throw a tantrum it would be bad because she would of got hit.

Ch. 34- The Boss
Moose tries and finds Natalie the only place she could be was to look for the baby. The he says Nat's blue dress go into the cel house. Moose then finds her at Capones cell with the babyin his arms. Mooses dad says "Don't hurt him!" He says he wont and that he has a smart girl here. How did the baby get in he asks. Capone tells Moose to take out tha bar and it does come out in a square big enough for a man to fit through. Moose's dad asks how did they get cut? He says I didn't do it but "Might" have seen someone do it. Then Trixle comes in and sees Capone with the Baby. Mooses dad then says tht Natalie found him. Trixel is suprised. Capone then talks to Moose. He dosn't like this and says "Don't talk to him."Capone says that you have a good boy here. Then they go home.

Thoughts and Questions. . .

*In this chapter Trixle doubted Natalie and now he sees the good side of her/ helpful.

Ch. 35- The Pixie Jailer Playground
Every one is amazed at what seven kids can do. Mooses parents are really happy at Natalie for what she did. Some pieces fell in place about the escape. Mea deliverd the keys to the boat in her hanky which a con swept up. Capone helped with the escape bu was smart enough to no that it wouldn't work. Capone played his Banjo so Seen Fingers could saw the bars with dental floss. The ecap couldn't have hapend with out the help of us and the Warden had a meeting about this. TheWarden says that plenty of blame has to go around. Moose then admits that Natalie had the Bar Spreader. Mooses dad wants to tell the Warden but his mom doen't. He still does. He then says Sadie called and says that 105 sent Natalie a letter. Not any old letter but a love letter.

Thoughts and Questions. . .

*Did the Author purposly say Seven Fingers and Seven Kids?

Ch. 36- Kids on the Rock
Every thing settels down on the island. Chudley gets demoted and Piper learns tolove her little brother. Jimmy later asks if he is still mad about him telling Scout about the Secret Passageway. Moose says no. Jimmy then is still mad at moose for not telling the truth and how he fells. Moose says sorry and he will try not to. Annie then says that she never had a soft spot on Moose and her mom is just crazy.

Thoughts and Questions. . .

*I still Annie has a small soft spot for Moose.
*Why did moose always lie about him liking the flies?

Ch. 37. The Yellow Dress
Natalie is going bck to Esther P. Marinoff. She then ses that she ha a new botton an asks who put it on. Her dad says "Not me." Mooses mom says "Not me sk Moose." Moose also says "Not me." Then they see a note folded in half in brown paper saying "Good Job."