Lia's Page


Chapter 1

~Natalie is going to be leaving and going to her new school.
~This is the time for her family and friends to spend time with her. I'm confused because why would Moose and Moose dad not go on the boat with Natalie???
~ Don't they want to spend more time with her???

Chapter 2
~Moose got the letter from Alcapone. What in the world does Alcapone want Moose to do???
~ It seems like everyone hate Mr.Trexel. I wonder if people hate him.
Chapter 3
~ Why would Piper even want Annie and Moose to kiss????
~I agree with Andrea I wouln't let a Conman cook my food. I saw so many Tv shows and someone enemys try to be evil and like poision their food. So I would be like freaking out!!!

Chapter 4
~I kinda feel bad for Moose because he really cares about his sister and he would never want to get her kicked out of Est. P. Marineoff. That would be meaning he can't tell Aniie about that Note. Poor Annie is Confused because she doesn't really get it.

Chapter 5
~I agree with Ali and Andrea, Annie is over reacting about the whole Alcapone thing. I'm all with the people that think Annie just needs to get over it

~I don't know why bit I keep think about Moose. What if Moose slip the Alcapone thing out or Annie tells someone about the note. Like Andrea said Natalie moms wants Natalie to staty in that school, the sad thing is one stuipd mistake of Moose could cost that family almost everything

Chapter 6

If I was Moose I would be freaked out to see that note under my pillow. I don't think I could take all that in and say nothing to my parents.

~Also I do agree with David that when he said Mae that I would say thats he wife.

~ This is just my prediction to Joesph question I think because he can not give them to her on his own so then he could use Moose to give them because Moose does owe him.

Chapter 7
~I know that Moose is so stressed out. Like people have been saying that is why he has hives i would totally agree.

~Ali is kind of agree with you because if he would of told then it there is a chance that his Mom or Dad could find out. The other thing is he might of let all lose and then it might go away.

Chapter 8

~I agree with Andrea that it is obvious that Moose likes Piper. If Piper likes Scout then Moose and Scout friendship have a good chance of getting broken.

~That was scary when Rocky was turning blue because that is dangerous. I'm glad that Moose ran Rocky to Doc Ollie and then Doc Ollie saw that Rocky was chocking ona shiny Penny
~ Answer to Mrs. C question. I think the Author did purposely put that in so the book would keep going and add some friction to the story.

Chapter 9
~I think that it was nice that Moose ran Rocky to Doc Ollie but I'm not sure if he should get a reward. The other thing is Moose did save that babies life so I’m not really sure.

~It was just pier luck that they just happened to stop at Alcapones cell. If I was in Moose place I would be freaking out and be scared to death.

~Since Alcapone said "When I get out, you look up me. I got a job waiting for you" I wonder what Moose father got out of that. If I was him I would be wondering what that was all about.

Chapter 10
I do agree that Jimmy is over reacting WAY TO MUCH about that Rocky sitiuation.

~ Piper is nosey obvious because she like already knew that Moose got to meet Alcapone. Plus that's not it she just nosey in general.

~ Why would you be happy to meet the most powerful ganster??? If it was me I'm not sure if I would really like that person to know me.

~ All the people that are mad or unhapy about Moose saving Rocky life need to get over it. Moose did a nice deed and it over with Rocky was ok and it's done.

Chapter 11
~I don't know what Moose should do. He should go vist Natile becasue that's his sister. At the same time they're so close that they don't want Natile to have a fit and want to go home. When I read this it reminded me of the pervious book, how Natile would always have those fits. I think that Moose's parents might be getting in on this whole thing with Alcapone because it was wierd that Moose's mom mentioned to something Moose about Natile.

Chapter 12
Moose is probably so depressed. There is so much pressure on him. This is kind of reminding me of the rising tiger. When Rob puts all his feelings in a suit case and then sits on it. Robs mom died and so he keeping all his feeling to him self. Moose is keeping all his feeling about Alcapone to him self and hiding them. I also do think that it seems like everyone does know Moose likes Piper.

Chapter 13
Does Annie like Scout??? In my opinion I think that she does and their in the same age so it pretty likely.
I think that Theresa trust Moose but doesn't like being alone with him so maybe that's why Theresa wants Annie to go with her.

Chapter 14
Moose mom didn't tell Natile why Moose didn't come and that mad her mad. Like I said before how I said they're close I think Natile really does miss her family ( ESPECIALLY MOOSE).

I think that it's great that Sadie is trying to teach Natile to talk normally. I think that it will help Natile.

Chapter 15
~Moose goes with Annie to the Field where Scout is going to be. Then Moose buys the flower then Piper thought they were for Annie. Instead of giving Mae Alcapone all the flowers he gives Mae CApone ,Theresa, Annie, Bea truxle and Doc Ollie's sister. So he slipt the dozen up suprising it worked out okay. I wonder if Alcapone going to be like we should do eachother favors oftenly.

Chapter 16
~Of course officer Trexel is questioning Moose for the roses. Bea Trexal got him to stop asking him all of those. At the boat the metal detor went off and everyone was gathering around. They figured out it was becasue of the person's earrings.
~ I thought it was nice that Bea Trexel stuck up for Moose.

Chapter 17
~Moose, Piper and Scout all go to play baseball. Scout their he came to Alcatraz again. No notes have been recived from either Moose or Alcapone.
~Why in the world would Scout want Piper and Moose to Kiss??? EWWWW GROSS
~ What happened to Alcapone?????

Chapter 18

~ I'm getting so angry!! People won't get over the Rocky sistuation what the big deal. Rocky is ALIVE!!! Get over it is done with.
~Moose is in China town now. Moose is going to try to kiss Piper and then Theresa shout to Moose Annie needs you. Then Theresa said that kissing Piper is like kissing a died squid

Chapter 19
~ Some how a rumor got started and said Moose and Jimmy's dad got drunk while working in the gurad duty. Then after that Moose goes home, his mom is their then he starts talking to her about that and more wierd things.

Chapter 20
~ Natalie comes back to Alactraz, then right when she come the metal dectors goes off! They found out it was he button box. ( I thought that is a great way to get back) (NOT). I think Natalie is sooo happy to be back and see he family because she really missed them.

Chapter 21
~ Moose find this bar spreader in Natalie drawer. He wouldn't tell his dad because he could fired really easily. He asked Natalie and she like he told me too. Then she said 105 105. That mean 105 told her to, ugh ohh this is horrible 105 could get Natalie into serious trouble.

Chapter 22
~ Once again Moose plumbing is backed up again!!! So then Darby and Seven finger come over to see the sitution, Moose dad and Darby are talking a little bite so Moose relize seven finger is missing so he goes to look for Seven fingers. Moose found Seven fingers in Natalies room. Is this a good or bad thing???

Chapter 23
~ Moose tries to tell his dad but then he's like how do you know this or why would you predict this and he made a excuse he had a (NIGHTMARE). Then they talked and relizied that Natalie is safer their and more things.

Chapter 24
~Moose really need to go and talk to piper about the whole lie. Moose mom has to go to this one family to talk about paino lessons, so then Moose has to take care of Natalie. Then Moose takes Nat to Pipers house to talk, Piper gives Moose the slient treatment. Moose and Natalie walk out the door, then Piper is like why are you leaving??? Moose ask Piper if she told anyone and she said yes, and she threaten to tell the Warden but Moose give it back to her. The Bar spreader ended up on the beach and then Janet picked it uped.

CHapter 25
~Now Janet has the Bar spreader. Then Moose and his friends go over to Mr.Trexel door and starts knocking and ring but no body answer and that mean nobody was homed.
~ Annie and Piper go and see Moose and then since Moose owed Piper he had to stay their with her.

Chapter 26
~ Moose and Piper go down in the Officer club after the performance. Then they open a cupboard, the cupboard like leads them to this pantry and though the crack you could see Alcapone and then they stood there an​d watched the convicts cook food and deliever food.

Chapter 27
~When Moose got piper out of the Officer club bad news arrives. Mrs. Caconi told Moose that she LOST NATALIE, then Moose and Piper went quickly to look for Natalie. Then Jimmy and Theresa fouund out about Natalie missing so they went looking too. Moose used clues to help find her, but then they went to Pipers house. Of course the Warden daughter will not allow Moose in her house she she locks him out, then Moose just has to get in so he goes to the back door and suddenly he saw Piper's mom and she look horrible. In the mean time Piper finds Natalie and then see Moose by the back door. Now she furious, crying and saying all these thing to Moose and Natalie. Eventually Moose and Natalie went home and their was Mrs. Mattaman she was not happy at all she was furious.

Chapter 28
Theresa, Jimmy and Moose explain everything that was happening and things like that ( EXECPT FOR BAR SPREADER). Once they were walking home from Mrs.Mattamans house since they where there explaining, Natalie suddenly frezzes. Then you have Darby, Janet notice and then Theresa and Jimmy. Then all of them are trying to help Natali get back to the house. When they get back Darby decide to make a commet to Moose's Family.

Chapter 29
Moose and his friends ( Exept Piper) are in Chinatown to figure out what a group of moms are talking about and what their are saying about Pipers mom. One of moms say that Piper need a friend to be by her and comfort her and visit her. Out of all the people it Moose and so Moose fastly moves out of the passagway. Then Mrs. Mattaman finds Moose and say that she should go be by Pipers side.

Chapter 30
Since Mrs.Mattaman told Moose to go to Piper house to comfront her but Piper all rude and is like you and Natalie are so mean and you did this and blah blah blah! Then Moose is like well I'll go to Mattaman's house. Then Piper does relize what she did wrong and she apologize and is all sad and cries.