Al CaponeJust thought to refersh our memories about Al Capone and Alcatraz(Kyle)
external image al-capone.jpg

When I saw this picture he looked sort of nice!(Kyle)

Here is a picture of Al Capone's Cell. In the first book it told us that he spent his money on decorating his cell because he was going to be living their for all of his life.(Kyle)
external image Al-capone-cell.jpg
I have been working on a power point file let me see if I can put a link to it. It is about famous people in Alcatraz and just cool things I found on ALcatraz. I am not fully done but I will put it on and keep updating it. (Ali)

Here is a Biography about Al Capone

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Here is a pic. of Al Capone on Alcatraz (Jack)

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Here is a pic. of the Guard Tower on Alcatraz. (Jack)

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This is a pic. of the Warden's house on Alcatraz (I pictured it much bigger). (Jack)