Chapter 15 summary :) In chapter fifteen they left of from were they began in chapter fourteen. Moose, Annie and Theresa were in San Francisco visiting Natalie but also Moose went because he had to get flowers for Al Capone's wife Mae. Moose was only going to have Theresa go but she wanted Annie to go. That was not good for Moose because Annie wanted to go and find Scout so she could play baseball with him but Moose has to lie to her. Moose takes Annie to the wrong field so that he acn get the flowers and go. When Moose gets the flowers and goes to catch the ship there are reporters swarming the place and people yelling saying "It's Mae Capone going to visit her hubby.". I was wondering what is a hubby. When Moose was getting the flowers Annie asked who the flowers were for and Moose said Piper. :( WHen they get on the boat Moose gives the a rose to Mae and she calls him Moose. He thought that no one noticed it but Theresa does and she says that she will write it in her notebook. Moose doesn't think that will be bad because most of the things she writes down are fake.

CHAPTER 16 SUMMARY- I just noticed in this chapter Darby Trixle happens to use a lot of slang terms or language. When they were on the boat all Moose could think of was when Mae Capone said to him, "Why thank you, Moose". It kept going through his head over and over again. When they were on the boat Darby Trixle was on top of their backs trying to figure out why they were in San Francisco and on the boat. Darby kept saying that it is because Mae Capone is there but Moose denies and says it was because they were visiting Natalie. WHen Darby Trixle is talking to Moose his wife tells him to stop yelling at Moose but he whispers something into her ear and she stops talking so I keep wondering what he whispered to her. Then the ship docks and they get off, Moose and Annie stay put watching the snitch box as Darby told them. When Theresa comes back she tells them that she saw Mae Capone drop her hankie into the water and it has a hummingbird on it. I wonder if it is any thing important write now I don't think so. Whe nthey are able to leave there spot Theresa can't find the hanky.

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Chapter 23 Summary- In this chapter Moose is trying to talk t ohis dad about seven fingers. He tries to explain that maybe Natalie is not as safe as Moose and his family thik she is at the Esther P. Marinoof school. I agree with Moose I don't think that Natalie is safe at the Esther P. Marinoff school because Natalie was at the school and now that she is home she keeps saying bottom drawer. She has not been home for awhile and the only way someone could have told her to put the bar spreader in the bottom drawer in her dresser would be if someone came to visit her and told her to put it there when she was at the Esther P. Marinoff. When Moose tried to tell his dad he just couldn't get it out. All he could say was that he didn't like having Seven fingers in their apartment and his dad agreed and that was the end of that!


Chapter 24 Summary- In this chapter Moose is going to try to talk to Piper and see if he can get her to spill it if she did or sis not get Mr. Mattaman and Moose's dad caught drunk in the guard tower. When Moose goes to talk to Piper Moose's mom and dad make him take Natalie to because Moose's dad is working and his mom has a interview for a job. Moose finally gets over to the wardens house to talk to Piper and all she says to him at first is "GO AWAY!". While Moose talks to or at least tries to talk to Piper Natalie just stands petting Willy One Arm's mouse Molly. Moose can't get Piper to spill but she at least made a deal that she would tell her dad that Moose's dad and Jimmy's were only drinking apple juice (that looks like beer.). When Moose can't get her to spill he decides to leave but he had to get Natalie away from Natalie. When they are outside Piper finally came out too, to talk. When they do (:MOOSE AND PIPER KISS:) But when they are done SMOoCHING Jimmy and Theresa come running to tell Moose that Janet Trixle got a hold of the bar spreader that Natalie had. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

I dont think piper got moose and jimmy's dad on probation i just think she is lying to mess with moose

chapter 25 summary- In this chapter Moose, Jimmy and Theresa keep going to Janet's to try to get the bar spreader but every time they go no one is home. What is even weirder about that is that their door is locked no one's door is ever lcked on Alcatrz except for the prison doors. They keep checking and every time no one is home. :( Finnally a couple days later Bea Trixle is outside and says that Janet is at her cousins. Then Moose and Jimmy start talking about what to do and moose accidently says or shows that he is mad at Jimmy because he did not get rid of the bar spreader. :( A couple days after that Annie and Piper came to Moose's to say that at the party that they are preforming at they want Moose to stay at so they can all meet Scarface and Al Capone is supposed to be a waiter there. Moose tries to get out of it but Piper says if he doesn't go their deal is off.

chapter 26 summary- In this chapter Moose is going to the Officers club for the party forf the heads of the FBI. Moose has THeresa and Jimmy stay with Natalie and Mrs. Caconi while Annie Piper and Moose are at the club. iper and Annie sing and are pretty much terrible Moose mom doesn't even clap. When they are done getting their applause they meet Moose in the backthey ask how they were and Moose has a hard time saying that they were good. Then Moose and Piper go down into the basement of the officers club, someone goes by them carryingsome food and they think it might have been Al Capone he is supposed to be a waiter there. THey hide in the pantry a couple off people amost see them. And then they see Capone with a big scar on his face. They eventually leave the pantry and go to floor one and theere is bowling alleys Moose goes one way and Piper tries to go the other way but they are holding hands. They move from place to place to see Capone he is the first to serve the warden, Hoover and Ness. Then comes Willy One Arm who sprinkles the warden with salt for good luck. Then all the sudden the Warden stands up to speak and asks Hoover if he has lost something and he has his wallet. His face turns from sour to totally ticked off.

chapter 27 throw catch throw catch summary- I had a question on the first page of this chapter Piper was talking and said thet word blas`e what does that mean????? This chapter left oof were the last one ended. Piper and Moose are at the Officers club because Piper wanted to see Scarface. They do and then they go back to Moose's were Natalie, Jimmy and Theresa should be but when they get back Natalie isn't there. Mrs. Caconi asks if they know were she is but they don't so they go looking for her. They serched every where but then Moose remembers she wanted to see Molly the Mouse. So they go to Piper's and she only she goes inside to look for Natalie. Piper told Moose to stay outside but he still came in. From inside Piper yells I found her and then she yells at Moose because he wasn't supposed to by inside. Inside he sees Piper's mom all gray and sick with a big tummy because she is going to have a baby. Piper keeps yelling at Moose to not look at her mom because she is fine but he tcan tell she is not. Piper slams ther door and goes inside and Moose and the Mattamans kids go home but when they get there Mrs. Mattaman is there and yells for her kids to go to bed. She tells Moose that they will have to explain what they were doing. Moose asks her if Piper's mom is okay and she says that she doesn't kow. :(:(:(:( I feel bad for Piper because something is wrong with her mom but she just won't admit it. My guess is that she will die when she has her baby and then Moose will have to be a good boyfriend and comfort Piper.

chapter 28 summary-